Freshet of Mendicants

A fifteen days Shraddha ceremony was a banquet for legion beggars. Undoubtedly a belief was transforming into free production for paupers who were not physically hit by God. On sixteen and seventeen September 2020 outside the temples, a crowd of volunteer impoverish could see readily. My perceptions were startling to the keen outlook of that niche where the consequences of alms of the dark belief aroused a zillion queries. The beggar man and the beggar woman even the young generation with the newborn future was snatching the adolescence, and they were publishing a new version before the eyes of blinded educated society who had the source to cut their immoral deeds(karma). The theory of begging for senior citizens and the young generation we’re feeding the rituals to beg. A man who came for the distribution of one rupee coins among them gripped in their fists. They forgot the chronic pandemic for snatching some coins. A man surrounded about twenty young women even children who caught his hand in they saw the piece of bread. Publically they were robbing him. What will you say? Moreover, they demanded money to ignore essential things. One said to a boy, ” We have eaten extreme kheer and now give wealth. If you have not any cash, then go.”.

Hither I would iterate that beggars are as old as the world. This phenomenon is a threat to social legal dimensions. Because I have researched on about fifty children whose age between ten to fifteen they have indulged in a cut-throat competition to exploit the self-esteem characteristics of individuality. I inquired them to take admission in the schools although they moved from there silently. Even handicapped participation in begging we can see less just two or three still people unconsciously are involving in a criminal act. It is the most arguing issue of the journal and society that begging is a commercial transaction. But in soliciting there is no transaction, and it is a one-sided receiving of alms, and which comes out in the limelight an abusive language to the giver who gives on his/her desire. We can say it is an indirect finding of the failure of society and Government policies. In the Gaushala, the cows observed to human and complexed state think, ” How much will they eat me?” Evidently, a large state of social media runs in the cowshed. And cows daily recognised owner. Even there was a written statement pasted for people, ” The more use of sweet (jaggery) for cows are harmful.” Needless to sat how even today after getting the higher-quality education perceptions are the same as old as an old era.

•Is it commercial commerce?

•Are we doing the right deeds? Is society motivating to the next generation?

•Why are these vagrants not ready to develop themselves?

•Why is the Government failing before loopholes of malaise?

Despite the unveiling announcement of the legislature, the issue is grooming in the world about the higher-level dignitaries. Some journals and radicals have written on the topic which I want to write the names.

• Mukherjee De., ‘laws for beggars, justice for whom: a critical review of Bombay prevention on begging act 1959’. International Journal of Human Rights, 12(2), 379-288(2008).

• H. Hershoff & A.S.Cohen, ‘ begging to differ: The first amendment and the right to beg, ‘104 Harvard Law Review 896.

•Chitra Vaisakhas, the problem of beggars in India’34 SD 48 (1994). Now the limit of topic is saying to pause this here.


My writing is creating curiosity in the readers or not. I do not know though I am proposing some lines for reading. My words are active or not, and readers can motivate me to view and read. I think I am babbling in writing and learning to write even a single letter by letter which word makes sense of a line or a speech with others. Varies babies have diversified style for babbling. Some babies babble a single vocable of as, m first or some b first or p. These p, b and m are easier words on the babbling time. I observe my sister’s daughter who starts the babbling in the eighth month with the first letter b, the air pressure builds up in the mouth and releases a sudden burst of sound along with the vocal cord vibration. Then m and later p after seeing her I realize I am babbling in writing every day, and thinking what should I write. Babbling words move in the mouth and brain. These words take a month to complete learning of a full sound. A child babble sound has an enthusiasm for learning and speaking full expressions so that he/she can express her/his feelings. Even in the Lockdown, each job looser is chatting to grasp A, B, C of searching a new job for completing a sentence of life with a smile. I think Sushant Singh was babbling inquire from the stress of daily life. But his babbling was not approachable for others. Illiterate person babble in the lockdown to learn new words like sanitizer, mask, social distancing and isolation. These words were swimming in the air of the tongue. Lockdown created enthusiasm of words among all. J.K Rowling even in her beginning writing adventure, she was talking of uninterested topics like a child her/his completion of words’ speaking, she got success in writing after ‘Harry Potter’. I’m am also on a stage of babbling during which my writing learning acquisition runs day by day. I have read about Bangladesh’s outstanding female writer ‘ Taslima Nasrin’ who blew the mind of the whole country. Her writings broke all blocks of men’s thoughts. As a gynaecologist and sexual abusive girl, I’m adolescence influenced in a great deal in works of literature about the medication against women in Islam and adoration, people babble against her books. Learning a language arouse bashful in the digging process of innovation layers. Ere summing up I want to express the gratitude before a hundred generous readers who have viewed and read my simple script. I am enjoying your responses. Subsequent toying with several topics I feel free from the caves of the daily routine after writing the toughest thing. 🤗😊


Lethargy is a state of absolute inert sleep. A young girl who falls in lethargy after an intense panic for years has large black orifices. Her parents are poor and ignorant. Her sleep has never been interrupted. Physicians and parents are waiting for her awakening. Subsequently, lifts up the eyelids, the doctors find the eyes roll upwards but produce no reflex movement of the lids. Her jaws are closed tightly. An attempt of opening her mouth breaks some of the teeth with the gums. The muscles contract at the least breath or touch. The girl keeps alive on liquid nourishment. This is a mental stage where a mortal keep helpless. I will inscribe an innovative next to blog.


What I am? Who I am? But I know what is going on. Yes, my eyes are saying me I want to come outside from my dark side. And eyes come on my palm, I feel surprised to see eyes are dirty and weeping for life. You do not care and give me food. I want to eat my food which you always disguise it. Do you hungry like a child? Do you want to throw in the dustbin? But I do not want like an internal layer of how has blackened the area. I want to live behind a curtain. Cooling ventilation is smiling but you always remain on the bed. Innovative things are stimulating me but you revolve me around the room. Smoke’ s spring exhaust me but you are quite busy in licking your finger. Eyes revolve in fast movement round and round and disappear from the palm.

I am thinking and thinking, is it real? While Sleep is calling me, my brain disappears from the real world.

A driver is driving an auto and some female passengers are also there. one year child shows an unlimited smile to three women. Child’s mother, a college girl and an unmarried teacher are travelling in an auto rickshaw. A teacher who is about 40 years old, is walking of her life’s expedition on the brain’s road. She also realizes life’s towel absorb the whole wet and sweat. Many time I have exerted to dry towel in the sun rays of experience. But it’s weight multiplying day by day.

A sudden sound calls her, ” mamma”

She looks, baby. Baby says again, ” Mumma”. His broad innocent smile touches her heart with the adorable word. Loneliness conveys an unexpected future. But ahead baby’s smile she forgets all. She forgets that she is alone, she is unmarried, she lives on a rent ‘s house, she has no government job. She spends her month with little money. Now she is enjoying baby’s smile, his love, unknown relation’s word, ” mamma”.

Ayesha who has married with a boy named Shekhar. she is elder three years old than him. But she looks younger than her age. The white complexion, thin pink lips, black eyes, shining black and grey colour hair, five feet height. The dark side is she has lost her family’s faith. The unexpected poison’s blast burst on the family when she engages in desirable love in the absence of family. She is younger than the other two. Both elders are unmarried. They are struggling for earning life. Because the father is existing in the family as dissolve material. Fallacious pricks their respect in society. They grasp all as malaria. They think poisonous gas of the dirty swampy area is caused by disease. On account of her love her mother bows. They switch their empathy into ecstasy. After two years she looks cheerless by heart. Due to humiliating behaviour, she is realizing her diabolical improbity. In serenity, she thinks she was wrong to comprehend her family. Now she is pregnant. She has apprehended her in-laws. Ayesha knows very well she will alone after delivery when she will need more. Now her adorable lovely loops lean towards her family. She talks on every matter with mother. Her discussion goes a long way. She makes a compromise with the present time. She accepts a verdict with husband’s agreement. The mellow conversation at night

Ayesha: I want to go to my mother ‘s home after delivery.

Shekhar: silent.

Ayesha: listen carefully.

Shekher: silent.

Ayesha: 45 days are my life which will be more sensitive. If you support me those days, I will walk 45 years with you in your life.

Shekhar: smiles.

Ayesha: if I could leave my mother’s home, I can also leave your running life.

Shekhar: surprise.

Ayesha: cautiously listen!

Ayesha is realizing in pregnancy as Sunita experienced living in space.

One evening her mother cooks food in the kitchen and remembering her. On that moment she rings her, the mother picks up the call. Both are chit-chatting about kitchen ingredients. And describing the recipe material and method. And tells her mother how she fell on the kitchen’s floor in an unconscious state. My heart stopped to beat and body had left life.

Mother: Why do you not care about herself?

Ayesha: I do, but I am not considering what is going on with me. The child is growing properly in my womb. All reports are normal, nothing is wrong.

Mother: Come here I will be taken care of you.

Ayesha: Shekhar says if you want to go after delivery mother’s house then what needs to go now.

Mother: silent.

Ayesha: do not worry about it. You know I have so many ways to come here.

As shekhar enters into the room she says bye mom, we will talk later.

An unknown fear is blasting her brain, she murmurs herself, my daughter, why did you do so?

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